Beautiful Poison

More attractive than the pyramid of Giza,

Yet you reflect with the gaze of Medusa,

I found you in your lowest height,

You held my hands and i walked you out of the night,

At times you walk in with muddy feet,

I clean the mess and still you give me cold feet,

How can patience be defined without mentioning me,

Now everything you desire does not reflects me

You drove a spear through my back and left me half dead,

In a quick flash I have been fed with lies I said,

I stared at the dinning and saw your mask on the seat,

I swallowed hard and felt your venom in the heat,

I reached for the door then a bright light shone in,

All I could see was a stranger beckoning on you to move in,

In your deceitful smile you moved in,

with him pulling a casket behind with his name on it.

Sir D’champ’s Poetry

Oh Emerald, What a rare gem you are

A rare gem you are,

Even the stars wonder what you are,

As priceless as your name,

Yet you don’t struggle for fame,

In the hands of the poor you make him rich,

Not everyone can stretch out for your reach,

People who see you as a mere stone,

Are the ones who miss what you can bestow,

Oh Emerald, what a rare gem you are!!!

Kola lasts in the mouth of those who knows it value,

So you have dwelt with those who know your value,

You like being private, hence the diamond thinks it alone can vibrate,

A few can sing of your awe,

But I can write of your all,

For I have been influenced by your touch,

Your gentle, calm light has engulfed me like a pouch.

Oh Emerald, what a rare gem you are!!!

I held on to you and you took me onshore,

I swam against the tides even when hopes were unsure,

You are the little rock that gave me a purpose,

Hold on to me you said or drown alone I suppose,

My last stone slipped off my grip,

There you came,gave me support lest I trip,

Now I’m standing head high,

Because I have you held high.

Oh Emerald, what a rare gem you are!!!

Sir Dchamps Poetry

The Price

Confined to comfort
But my heart desireth it not
For i have seen a vision
Of paradise neatly painted
In metaphors, oxymoron and hyperbole
Beautiful than the rainbow from a hilltop
Where i could freely express
This symptom of mixing up
Words like an addict on self medication
My fingers are light and itchy
Seeking for the pen to scribble
Beyond the walls and chains
My mind is constantly on a voyage
Wandering away to the deep
Success comes with a price
And i have paid in blood and ink
With each trickling drop tailing my path
as i limp off with my pen
Towards the finish line with a foot
Leaving the other behind

Sir Dchamp’s Poetry

Who am i?

I am the green you get

When you mix excess yellow with blue,

That shade of gold you get

When the sun resides into darkness

Or ascends into the dawn’s glory

I am the poem that is directly abstract

and deep because i write

beyond the limits of the regular mind

Through meditation for fewer minutes.

I am the love you feel

When you realize what you uniquely have,

But people study to get and still

Cant come close even when

Placed on the fastest lane

I am the you would want

to proof read your lines, do a spell check

and still back out from the contest I’m in

But you are the reason i am doing this

Your comments, likes and retweets

Are highly inflammable.

I could sit all day with a pen and sheet

Writing out my heart forgetting

There’s actually a thing called day and night,

I am a writer, i am Sir DChamp

Sir DChamp’s Poetry

Valentine’s Note

Softly softly I hear your voice,
Whispering sweet nonsense
As I dance my favorite steps,
It’s about time I went gaga,
Being normal is no longer fun,
Love is crazy, love isn’t blind,
It sees the obvious but doesn’t mind.

Gently gently I feel your touch,
I never knew love could feel so warm,
Till I felt the ice melt off my heart
You’re my shelter yet you dwell in me,
My beautiful addiction, my favorite pill.
Love is white, love is red,
They call it val but I say it is you.

Sir Dchamp’s poetry

Silver Lining

Sometimes the heaven cries
She cries as something in her dies,
So heart shattering that the entire planet feels it,
It is accompanied with the cold chills and everyone feels it,
She cries uncontrollably pouring out her pain

Those who don’t know her grief call it nothing but simple rain,
Flooding the earth with her tears
If only they knew of her fears,
Her darkness is beautiful, but everything is not as it might seem
She can’t control herself,she let’s out a scream.

She shakes the earth,its one of those times she doubts her worth.
So she roars loud with a flash bolt to express her wrath,
But oh, what a perfect timing,
She sees it, she sees the lining,
Today she is drowning all her foes in her sorrow,
But the cloud with its glowing silver gives hope for a better tomorrow.

Sir D’Champ’s Poetry.